Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Raining Blood

No, this isn't about Slayer, even though the timing is appropriate. I didn't even hear about the 'blood rains' in India in 2001 until I read this article from Popular Science today.

That's just wierd.

Though I'm wondering how widespread this news was back in 2001. I'm sure Pat Robertson would have had something to say about it...

(Hat tip to Clicked.)


petallic said...

The best part of that article was the phrase "striking a high-flying flock of bats." Spectacular.

Laddi said...

That's awesome. Wikipedia has an entry regarding raining animals, too.

Btw, for those who read the article, Wickramasinghe at Cardiff University has confirmed DNA in the cells. Awww. The good news for the hopeful is they haven't yet completely identified the DNA as Earth-based.