Thursday, June 15, 2006

Warning: Nerd Post

So we've been talking about Star Trek and the Guide and some other nerdy topics so I thought I would throw this one out there since it's on Drudge: Spiderman outs himself to the press. No, he's not gay (but that also ties in to other posts). Apparently in the comic book world, the US is requiring super powered folk to register themselves as weapons of mass destruction and as a supporter of this new act Peter Parker has revealed that he is Spiderman. I'm trying to relate this to the real world so here's my question to you: Who in real life do you think the government should register as weapons of mass destruction?

Personally, I think Chuck Norris and Ken Shamrock are both givens. If Bruce Lee were still alive, you know he'd also be on the list. Who am I missing?


liberalandproud said...

Ann Coulter ; )

patsbrother said...

But only for being a female driver.

bristolfrombrunswick said...

Cripes, are you kidding?

In order of importance:

Dick Cheney. Think what he could do with more than buckshot and a better target than a Republican fundraiser.

Barbara Bush. Don't laugh, history will tell. The WMD is called "a viper's nest."

Senators Sam Brownback, Bill Frist, and George Allen. What the hell, a pre-emptive strike.

Patrick Armstrong said...

So much for real nerdiness.

I'd say Russell Crowe. If he was a comic book character he'd be 'PhoneMan.' Reach out and smack somebody.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I just didn't have time earlier to do this list justice, Dante, so here are some real additions for your consideration:

Jessica Alba must be on this list.

So must Samuel L. Jackson. I would venture that any individual who could be referred to as their own acronym (BMF in this case) gets to be on the WMD registry.

After the Kill Bill series, Uma Thurmon deserves nomination, but maybe not inclusion. Put her on the watch list I reckon?

However, you did leave out two honest to God human WMD's who actually were used against other humans: Reggie Bush and Vince Young.

Let us also consider The Rock.

And, just to cover all my bases, I have a nomination for the Chemical and Biological Weapons division of this list: Courtney Love.

Whaddaya think?

petallic said...

Anna Nicole Smith: she's gotta be a bunkerful of STDs all by herself. Her nickname would be SuperTramp. Duh.

Laddi said...

Houston (the pornstar, though the city may suffice too) and Ron Jeremy would have to be a co-ed tag team WMD.

Speaking of entire cities as WMDs, Detroit has to be on that list, along with Cleveland.