Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What Happens...

...when an Athenian blogger goes to visit Washington City on the cheap in the midst of the most prolific 'rain event' so far this season? The answer can be found here. Enjoy!

You know how I'd'a gotten outta this scrape? I'd'a gone to the conference anyway and tried my best to crash with a fellow conference-goer, preferably of the hotness variety. However, this option was not open for our man Jmac, as he is somewhat spoken for, and crashing on the couches of hotness is frowned upon in such situations.

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liberalandproud said...

"somewhat spoken for"? From what I could tell, the dude's married! I know that doesn't count for much in Island City, but it still counts. However, I'm sure his wife would rather have him stay in the presence of "hotness" than in the seriously scary hotel he was booked into. That sort of place is all well and good when you're backpacking around Europe, but we all reach a certain age when such shadiness is no longer acceptable.