Friday, June 30, 2006

White Knuckled Anger

Thank the Lord I'm a Catholic. It has taught me that despite certain moral failings of select individuals whithin the hierarchy, one need not give up on everyone in or associated with an organization. And not to give up on the organization itself. Especially when the organization in question does, and can do, so much good.

For me, a few rotten apples don't spoil the bunch. Just get rid of the rotten apples. That's something I've come to learn. It is a good thing, too. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to respond to hearing about things like this.
"And I cannot believe that we've got folks, within the Democratic Party, who are so obsessed with winning and getting Democrats back in the majority that they openly say that they don't want Osama bin Laden, a man whose actions led to the deaths of over 3,000 innocent Americans, to be killed or captured because it might ruin the Democrats' electoral fortunes.

What kind of madness is that?"

Luckily, Andre has a blog where he can discuss such matters, and he does so quite eloquently, I thought. With folks like him as rising stars in the Democratic Party, we will eventually be able to get rid of this nonsense 'America-Hating Wing' that seems intent on crashing the Shindig uninvited.

For now, however, I am glad that I wasn't in that car.


S.A.W.B. said...

You claim that the 'America-Hating Wing' was uninvited. Ok, so, how'd they get in there? You certainly didn't bleed them off of the right.

Perhaps this is the end result of 40 years of coddling and cultivating policy through Cal-Berkeley, Manhattan, Seattle, and Miami. The Democrats have sown these seeds themselves, now they have to weed their garden, overgrown as it may be...

dadvocate said...

Just as I've long suspected!

Unfortunately, I believe there are members of both parties that have the "party first" mindset. Although, I do believe the Dems are worse or at least worse at hiding it. I believe that a lot of the actions of politicians lately have been in pursuit of power, not what's best for the U.S.A. This explains the Senate's actions regarding illegal immigration - courting potential voters.

It is refreshing that people like Andre exist and put what's best above partisan politics.

petallic said...

I can only imagine that my supervisor's "end of us" comment was meant to imply that

What evidence does he have for this inference? Maybe he meant something else entirely, which is why he should have asked.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Maybe the fact that this was preceeded by "We don't want him caught." That alone is enough nonsense to raise my blood pressure.