Monday, July 24, 2006

Behaving Badly

How's this for 'fair and balanced?'

When national Democratic consultants wring their hands about winning elections in the South, they often wonder why they don't get any headway. They constantly wonder why Southern Liberals and Party Wing Democrats like me keep ripping on them.

Well, Po'Boy gives us the answer: Northen and Western Democrats keep ripping our legs out from under us Southern folk, in the national media, and we ain't happy about it. The D-Masses can stuff it right up until they figure out how to build a road correctly and within budget.

Oh yeah, and Schroder reminds us not to forget about the DINO Wing, who make it through election day and then dissapear like the dinosaurs. Remember, you can't spell "Doin' Nothin" without DINO!

Competence trumps ideology every day of the week, which is why people like Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson win elections by huge margins, and rightly so.

Ideology only comes into play when you have two knuckleheads running for office, and they can't talk about anything else. Give us competence, and we'll give you votes.

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