Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brunswick News Tripleheader

Game One: Proving that world-class art and saving taxpayers money is a bi-partisan affair, fellow Island City blogger Virgil (aka Coastal Companion) points out that a letter I wrote to the Brunswick News actually got published.

His interest in my letter?

Well, the K Street Tree Sculpture Project, a plan to turn a historic oak tree trunk into a world class piece of art, is his baby - one he worked on for quite some time. Though his proposal was to get this work done through private donations in order to keep the expenses low, the whole project is now in danger because our good ol' local paper misrepresented where the funds would come from, and taxpayers around here (naturally) became irate that they may have to foot the bill for it, even though that wasn't really the case.

Luckily, local City officials, artists and Coastal Companion readers have responded in support of the K Street Tree Sculpture, including yours truly. I urge my fellow Island City and Coastal Empire readers, or hell, anyone who appreciates art and aesthetic, to read some of these links and write a letter to the News in support of this project.

Though we disagree on many, many things, Thank You, Virgil. This project is truly world class.

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ruby booth said...

Is there a link anywhere to donate to this project?