Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chatham Artillery

Democratic Reunion a Wild Success in Savannah

So, it was just another Island City Saturday for me, when I was checking my emails to discover a message in my inbox concerning this weekend's national Democratic Reunion. I clicked around, put in my zip code and found out that the Chatham County Democratic Committee was hosting their Democratic Unification Rally.

Never one to turn down an open invitation to the First City of the Coastal Empire, I grabbed a digital camera, jumped in the car and headed north on Interstate 95.

Upon arriving at the intersection of Abercorn and Victory, I saw the meeting place, The CaledonIan, a true Savannah-style pub. The parking areas and the curbs were filled with vehicles emblazoned proudly with Democratic stickers. I had arrived.

When I walked inside, I was almost taken aback by the sight of dozens of Democrats -young and old, black and white, in a truly integrated show of support for the Party. I signed the guestbook with my Island City address, and waded into the crowd. Reverend Jim Nelson of Savannah, candidate for United States Congress (GA-1) was on stage alongside Master of Ceremonies, CCDC Chairman Joe Murray Rivers, delivering a fiery speech in support of the Georgia Democratic ticket. Rev. Nelson was rewarded with a roar of approval from the crowd.

Up next was Darryl Hicks, candidate for Georgia Secretary of State. Mr. Hicks spoke of his extensive managerial experience, and the theme of his speech was that Georgia needs a Secretary of State who puts competence before ideology and politics. He got noted response from the crowd when he spoke of voting reform, and making sure every vote counts.

Following that came speeches from other candidates and officeholders, including Mell Traylor (candidate for GA State Senate-1), Rep. Tom Bourdeaux (GA-162) and Chatham County School Board 3rd District candidate, Ms. Sabrina Greene-Kent.

After the speeches, I roamed the room for interview opportunities, meeting fellow District 1 Democrats, and enjoying the fellowship. These people are the reason I became a Democrat in the first place; just regular folks who want America to be a better place than we found it. Regular folks who care enough to get involved and help decide the direction of their communities, their state and their nation.

Saturday, I got to talk to fellow Democrats about issues important to Glynn County (education, home ownership) and the nation (Iraq, the Middle East). I got to talk to fellow Democrats about new media (email, internet, blogs). I got to talk to fellow Democrats about college football (which is never, ever wasted time). And, in the end, I get to broadcast this out onto the internet for everyone to see.

All in all, this trip was well worth the drive up through uncooperative weather and traffic on Abercorn. I walked out of this Democratic Unification Rally quite pleased with the future of the Democratic Party, and prouder than ever to call myself a Democrat (Party Wing).

Meet the Democrats:

Vergie, Camilla & Sabrina
Elaine & David
Chariman Rivers

Mirror Post at Coastal Empire DFA


liberalandproud said...

I saw on Hecht's blog that he was due in Savannah on Saturday. Did he show at the reunion? Just curious.

Patrick Armstrong said...

If he was there, he spoke before I arrived. Even then, I probably would not have recognized him. There was some campaign stuff there, though. But Hecht's stuff was overshadowed by the large 'Darryl Hicks' signs nearby.

liberalandproud said...

Actually, you might have missed him in the crowd. After all, the guy's not even five feet tall. I know it's silly and completely ill-advised to think this way when considering politics, but I would love to see a "Big Guy/Little Guy" ticket. tee-hee