Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cold Cash:

admissible in court.

That's right corrupt Congresspeople, you may no longer hide evidence in your office. Just because you got elected does not make you above the law.

(That freight train like sound you hear are the pitter pater of elected feet, rushing the evidence to new locations...I wish the FBI had set up a sting for any Congressfolk walking out of the building with rolls of carpeting. Betch we'da found Jimmy Hoffa's body in there somewheres.)

UPDATE: 12.15AM 07/13/06

Schroder points out one elected official who is trying to fight against bad behavior, and how the New Orleans bloggers are having an effect on the debate. From People Get Ready:
Speaking of battling dragons, G Bitch will not be bringing a long pointed stick to the revolution. She wants to remind everyone that the revolution is not just about replacing corrupt black politicians like Dollar Bill and Renee Gill Pratt with corrupt white politicians -- it's about a fundamental change in the way our public servants think. It's about service to the community first. The rest will have their day against the wall.
I'd settle for jail time, but I understand the frustration...

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RightOnPeachtree said...

What's shameful is that anyone on either side of the aisle would have objected to the search. Evidence that Congress does indeed think that they are above the law.

William Jefferson is a disgrace. He's one of many, but he gives me the dry heaves when I see him phony on TV.