Wednesday, July 05, 2006


If one is trying to look like an evil genius leader of a powerful military nation, perhaps it is a better idea to keep missile tests secret. That way, when one's missiles fail 42 seconds after takeoff, one does not look like a bigger ass than one actually is.

Here's the range of Little Kim's arsenal, provided they actually work.

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Dante said...

Is it just me or do two of those missile names end in "dong." That's just funny. I'm enjoying hearing the conspiracy theories. So far my two favorites are:

1. Kim intentionally muffed the missile launches to make us think he can't launch missiles very far. Riiiiight. He has a lot to gain by making us think that he is getting closer to the technology but he just isn't there yet. All that tells me is that right now is the time to invade.

2. His missiles work but the US shot them down. Riiiight. Because we wouldn't make a big deal out of shooting down missiles that could potentially hit our shores with a nuclear payload. Bush would dust off his flight suit over that one.