Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good Stuff (WARNING PG13 link)

Slate has an interesting piece on Cussgate where they actually break down what Bush is saying and the appropriateness of it given the context of a private conversation. It even takes the time to dredge up the two biggest potty mouths ever to grace the Oval Office as far as we know: Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. I thought it was an interesting read (with some not-appropriate-for-youngsters language). It's not one of the two Slate articles Pat already linked to earlier.


Patrick Armstrong said...

That's a great article.

One thing I have with the whole "Cussgate" thing is this: who's really mad at Bush for cussing? I read a good deal of material daily, and I've only run across people defending his use of language.

As a matter of fact, the sheer volume of "S**T YEAH!!"s in support of the President's choice of words appear pretty overwhelming.

Thing is, I must have completely missed the 'attack' on his language. Aside from the Retired Busybody & Quilter's Brigade of North Nowhere, Idaho, is there any real chiding of ol' Dubya's language as setting a bad example?

Or is this like another 'War on Christmas?'

Dante said...

Why are you putting attack in quotation marks? I don't find it in my commentary or in the actual article. The closest thing I can find is 'cable commentators and news anchors expressing "concern" about the language "controversy."' Near as I can tell, there is no 'attack' but there is an awful lot of coverage on the use of the dirty word instead of covering what was actually said.

Seeing as intercepting private Presidential conversations with foreign leaders isn't exactly common, this is a rare chance for us to gain some insight into the President's true feelings on the issue. That's being totally ignored by most of the MSM.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Totally ignored?

I've read about it on all the major news outlets, saw it on cable news rotation, and it is all over the blogosphere including two posts on this blog - one linking to Slate and Ruby’s post linking to the front page of CNN.

Dante said...

By "that," I was referring to "insight into the President's true feelings on the issue." By those standards, yes TOTALLY ignored. Most comments on the issue are in line with CNN's website: "In a chat with Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 summit, President Bush uses colorful language." They're not moving past the s-word. I do give credit to Slate for offering not 1 but 3 articles that actually dig deeper than that, but everyone else is fixated on the use of improper language.

Buzzzbee said...

Actually, I seem to recall hearing about the substance of Mr. Bush's comments on Countdown with Keith Olbermann and The Daily Show. It seems like I remember them both mentioning how President Bush has made it impossible for us to get Syria to do what he wants them to do because we don't have contact with either Syria or Iran.

This may be petty, but it wasn't the cussing that was the problem to me. I just didn't like the way Bush handled himself. He's out there representing America at the G-8 summit, meeting with other world leaders, and he's behaving like an animal. He's talking with food in his mouth and he's leaning back in his chair like he's sitting in his recliner. That's fine if he's at home with Laura and the kids, eating a TV dinner in front of the TV, but when he's out there representing us, I think he should behave with dignity. I just thought he was acting in a very rude manner. Again, that could just be me being petty.

Patrick Armstrong said...

You know what I think when I hear that quote? I think of the teenager who's trying to look older, tougher and cooler than he really is.

Criticsm of Nixon and LBJ aside, you could never confuse their conversations with that of your high schooler's obnoxious little friend.

petallic said...

I agree, Buzzzbee, I'm more offended by his lack of decorum, and if that makes me petty, so be it. He looked so undignified. Anyone who behaved like that at my mother's table would be asked to leave. And it makes me feel even worse for Tony Blair, whose own countrymen hate him with increasing vitriol for being associated with and dragged down by our simian president. Blair was once so respectable. Now he's just Whitney Houston in a nicer suit.

Laddi said...

"everyone else is fixated on the use of improper language."

Speaking of, what's with "cussgate"? Watergate wasn't about water. Cussgate. I wish people would stop using "-gate" as a substitute for the word "scandal". Dante, you should know better than doing that s**t.

Dante said...

"Dante, you should know better than doing that s**t."

I know, it's a faux-cool thing to use gate in place of scandal and that type of thing usually does bother me. For some reason though, it doesn't in this case. Probably because this scandal is a bit of a joke so making the name a bit fo a joke isn't that bad in my book. For what it's worth, I think this is the first time I've ever used the gate naming scheme and don't really plan on continuing that trend. And I didn't read "cussgate" from some other source. As far as I know, I coined it personally though there have probably been several folks who have come to this naming independently of each other.