Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hard Work Pays Off Like It Should....

....and other myths propogated by the system.

We've talked about minimum wage on this blog a few times, and some individuals have made the suggestion that if someone's making minimum wage, there is a reason, and they need to better themselves in order to make more cabbage. The other side of this coin was that CEO's and managers etc were making the big dollars because they did work that deserved to get paid.

So why does this jackass get off the hook so easy, and keep his paycheck?

The Massachusetts Turnpike Authority chairman, under fire since 12 tons of falling concrete killed a woman in a Big Dig highway tunnel, resigned Thursday after weeks of pressure from the governor.

In an agreement with the state, Matthew Amorello has until Aug. 15 to clean out his office, but he will continue to be paid his $223,000 annual salary through February.

He also avoids a hearing scheduled Thursday during which he would have been deposed — under oath — at a time when federal and state officials are conducting criminal investigations into the deadly collapse.
No wonder we can't build roads or levees on time or within budget anymore - even if you screw it up and people die, you still get professional courtesy and you get to keep your paycheck.

I can tell you right now, I have no problem paying people what they are worth, but if you ever wonder why so many folks want a raise in the minimum wage, remember that people like this are still making their money, despite not doing their jobs.

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liberalandproud said...

Unfortunately, once you get the first big paycheck, you can afford the big retainer for your legal representation. We live in a time of "May the man with the highest-paid lawyer win."