Friday, July 28, 2006

Ho Boots!!

A post and comment thread over on Knoxviews has encouraged DADvocate to discuss fashion and the way women present themselves. We talked about the 'don't date losers' scenario way back in March, which could be of tangential interest to this topic.

I know some really crazy women (seriously, crazy, y'all) who dress just as conservative and prudish as a sweet Georgia peach. Then I know some knock-your-sox-off lookers who wear patent leather and upper-thigh skirts and almost fall-outta-yo'-top halters who are the sweetest women you will ever meet - Keepers you could bring home to Mama's house. Plus, I've seen far too many 'theme nights' gone wrong back in Athens, and even Bubba Garcias has a "Clubba Garcias" where all the kids on Island City dress ghetto fabulous. And I have that secret love for watching the beautiful girls of the SEC walk to Sanford Stadium wearing their Ho Boots.

For me, style is visually stimulating, but I maintain that I can figure out within 15 minutes if there is some substance there or not - and that's what's important. I don't care if you're wearing a sun dress or Gothic bondage, if you're only talent is leanin' up against the bar and lookin' cute, I'm gonna pass you by. So are most of the real men with real jobs and real respect for women.


liberalandproud said...

Oh, how I miss those prissy little bow heads of sorority row. I swear, y'all I'm gettin' teary eyed thinkin' about the ol' alma mater. Good ol' Rocky Top (sniff-sniff) . . .

petallic said...

We had our pre-planning county-wide meeting yesterday. As we were sitting down on the ever-so-comfortable bleachers to hunker down for a 3-hour meeting, I noticed a woman in the crowd who looked completely out of place. In a sea of conservatively dressed teachers, she couldn't have stuck out more. Long blond hair, perfect highlights, skintight tank top, no bra, flowing but form-fitting skirt, ridiculously oversized belt to accentuate her figure, and 3-inch wedge sandals. A knockout by most standards. Sort of a thinner Carrie Underwood.

As the program started, we realized she was the "inspirational entertainment" when she got up to sing the national anthem. Not my particular kind of singing, with the warbly Mariah Carey voice, but whatever. We were all reasonably entertained with her 2nd and 3rd songs, and then our superintendent got up and said, "Isn't it amazing, to think she's only 12 years old!"

And all 2000 of us gasped. I could feel the male teachers around me cringe in horror as they cognized their disgust with themselves. Then I realized that her mother was sitting next to her, and I think every woman in the room despised her mother at that moment. Despised her, for allowing her daughter to dress like that. I heard the words "budding breasts" at least ten times throughout the day by fairly liberal teachers who were mercilessly ripping this girl's mother apart.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this point, but that I can't stop thinking about it.

christy said...

fun blog!