Monday, July 17, 2006

how things get done

Probably all of you have heard about this, but in case you have not, Pres. Bush and P.M. Blair were filmed today talking about the current situation in the mideast. What seems to be obsessing our tremendously boring media pundits is the fact that at one point in this conversation between two grown men, one of them used a naughty word. The conversation itself, however, is one of the most interesting things i've ever seen on television. Problems get handled well or ill on the big stage much as they do on the small one: a few folks talking over food, with all the interruptions and occasionally full mouths that image brings to mind.

I hope this link works. If not it's on the front page of for the moment.
Video: The sh_t heard 'round the world


dadvocate said...

Bush pretty expressed my thoughts rather precisely. Who says he isn't eloquent?

Patrick Armstrong said...

Lot of people beating me to the punch tonight, especially on the Middle East issue.

Here's two supplementary links from Slate. Both are by Fred Kaplan, but I have lovingly dubbed them I Wish Adults Were In Charge 1 and I Wish Adults Were In Charge 2.

From number 2:

"In some ways, Bush is right here. A cease-fire alone won't settle the issues. Syria gives Hezbollah its supplies and probably its permission to attack Israeli targets. Assad probably is the one person whose pressure on Hezbollah would have instant impact. (The Lebanese government and army lack the strength, the will, or both.) But the real "irony" is this: Because Bush tends to cut off contact with regimes he doesn't like, the United States has no diplomatic ties with Syria (or Iran), no way to strike a deal or to communicate formally.

As a result, in order to do what Bush himself sees is necessary to "make something happen," he needs to get some third party to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop firing rockets."