Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How To Celebrate Independence Day

Whist I recover from another Island City 4th of July, having had my last two days dominated by those most American of consumptions: barbeque, bourbon & coca-cola, and my ears assailed by those most American of sound effects: explosions and rock n roll, I thought I'd do a roundup of how other people celebrated.

Dangerblond appears to have a good idea how to do Independence Day right. I don't know why, but I love hearing stories about other people having a good time.

Glenn Reynolds reports on how the fun police do Independence Day wrong.

Folks who run New Jersey have lost their minds, but at least they had the courtesy to let the party last until 8 am the day after Independence Day.

And I know most of y'all don't really live close enough for this to matter, but I wish they had been able to launch Discovery at about 8:30pm EDT. It would have been a spectacular finale for all the fireworks displays up and down the Coast, as you can see a night launch almost all the way to Savannah.

But then y'all might call me and my fellow beach bums spoiled.

Image: NASA

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