Monday, July 31, 2006


I know he may irritate some folks on my side of the aisle, but I must say that I am sad to see The Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds, leaving MSNBC Online.

When I got the jobby job I will soon be leaving, it was at a desk in front of a computer. Being the news-junkie that I am, I often found myself shunning CNN and Faux News in favor of the news outlet SAWB says no one but me reads, MSNBC.

Soon my attention was riveted by the "Blogs, Etc." page that they had, which wasn't the same format then as it is now. But to my knowledge, no other news outlet had included such a nod to new, do-it-yourself media. (At least they hadn't back in 2004.) Through these pages, I was drawn to liberal media critic Eric Alterman, pop culture internet filter Will Femia, and - yes - do-it-yourself-media man Glenn Reynolds.

Shortly thereafter, I was sending out emails to my friends with links to stories Glenn & Co had pointed out. Some of my friends thought these emails were obnoxious (as they undoubtedly were), I was undeterred. Soon thereafter, following in the footsteps of so many individuals like Glenn Reynolds, my own blog Hurricane Radio, was born, and I joined the new media with baby, baby steps.

I don't know how many links to Glenn's MSNBC page are included in the last year or so of blogging here, but there are quite a few. I will miss his blog on MSNBC, and I guess, now that he has concluded his time there, that I will finally have to suck it up and start visiting Instapundit regularly.


dadvocate said...

I've been wondering if his wife is having health problems. She has a serious heart condition which requires an implanted defibrilater(sp?). She hasn't been posting much herself the last couple of weeks.

liberalandproud said...

Patrick, I know that picture of the Troy football team was embarassing, but was it really bad enough to leave your job over?

Patrick Armstrong said...

Dude, don't bust on the Trojans.

petallic said...

That was so gross.