Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is it something in the water?

I mean, what in the hell is going on in the Maryland US Senate races? First we have yesterday's entrant, and now today, Josh Rales, Democratic candidate for US Senate in Maryland, rented, for lack of a better term, recovering drug addicts to sit at his rally and wear shirts and hold placards?

I'm guessing the third candidate eats babies...

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Patrick Armstrong said...

Hearing the spin, I was horrified. After reading the article, however, this sounds more like a campaign worker miscommunication event more than anything else.

I mean, I've helped as a staffer for concerts and conventions and big speaking events, and there are always bad decisions made in the chaos of the last minute.

I mean, thank goodness the news never got aholt of the news that, once during a large CD release party for a band that will remain nameless, myself and one other individual (who will also remain nameless) had to find a way, at the last minute, to keep the stage from collapsing...

...and we did it with duct tape and a ball point pen. If the band, kids, or parents had known, there would have been hell to pay.

So I think this is far more innocent than it sounds.