Friday, July 28, 2006

Long Range

No pun intended.

This article reminds us that criticism of Israel does not equal support for Hezbollah.
“We see in Israel a society so traumatized by a generation of war that its leaders are no longer capable of making strategic judgments about their country’s survival.”
-Henry Kissinger
I do wonder when we are going to be able to answer the big questions about the Middle East. Peace will come only when we face the realities of the situation and ask the tough questions.
Whether Israel is "justified" in its actions is a debating point for TV talk shows. In the real world, the question is whether Israel is likely to achieve such a smashing victory that the short-term gains will be worth the long-term costs. And, to repeat, nothing suggests that is remotely plausible. If that is so, then America’s blessing for the campaign in Lebanon is merely increasing the final costs, not only for Israel but for the United States and more generally Western policy in the region.
For me, this is about Realpolitik and an American centered foreign policy.

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