Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Maryland Senate Race

New Report: Crabcakes Bad for Politics

Is this like the lowest common denominator with Senate races or what? SAWB already discussed two of the winners going for the Democratic nomination and their rather strange ways to implode. Now it is Republican candidate Michael Steele who's in the news, and not in a good way.

What did he do?

He said the the "R" in Republican is like a "scarlet letter" these days.
He went on to say the GOP-controlled Congress should "just shut up and get something done," that the Iraq war "didn't work" and "we didn't prepare for the peace," that the response to Hurricane Katrina was "a monumental failure of government." He said having his party leader President Bush campaign for him would be a disadvantage.
But this stuff isn't what anyone is angry about. If there were things people in Maryland might be receptive to coming from a Republican, "Just shut up and get something done" probably fits high on the list.

But he's in trouble not because of the statements, but that he didn't own up to them once people found out he made them. His 'coverup' sounds overly-political and slimy, just like all the other politicians Steele is running against.

Mental note: when running as an outsider, don't fret about criticizing the establishment.

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