Sunday, July 09, 2006

Movie Review

So, me and Bandit and two friends from the ATL kinda got to see Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest as last Thursday turned into Friday.

I don't care what the reviews say, as a Southern Boy raised on Island City where the infamous Blackbeard was rumoured to have buried his treasure, I am a sucker for swashbuckling movies - I may go see this one again in the theatre. Hell, I may see it twice more in the theatre.

This one is far darker than the original, and may give small children nightmares, but I am an absolute fan of this sequel. First of all, I was thrilled to see it as a darker film. Piracy is dark. Sea monsters are dark. Shipwrecks don't usually have happy endings, and they ain't supposed to unless they're on the Weather Channel. The constant turns of bad luck in the story reminded me of Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and the end of Dead Man's Chest left me with the same feeling I had at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

As a matter of fact, thinking about it while writing this makes me want to go out and watch it right now. Quite a good flick.


Dante said...

I don't know about priates. I prefer ninjas myself. I did like the Goonies though.

Speaking of movies, I uncovered this nugget which may be of interest to some who frequent this page. See if you can get to Kevin Bacon from there. I can do it in 5 steps. For extra credit, see if you can get to Chris' mom. I haven't worked that one out yet. For those of you not in the know, she was an extra in "Freejack" and "No Holds Barred" (both uncredited).

patsbrother said...

Assuming you're going from The Ladykillers (I've never heard of anyone in the other movie):

Ben Dukes to Tom Hanks in the Ladykillers

Tom Hanks to Kevin Bacon in Apollo 13 (which I have never seen)

Thus, two steps. Bravo.

And who is "Chris' [sic] mom"?

patsbrother said...

Oh, and I call shenanigans on pat's implicit assertions (a) he remembers the first time he saw The Empire Strikes Back and (b) he was old enough to understand it.

I would, however, like to hear what exactly reminded him of Harry Potter, as well as what the "feeling" that unites Pirates and Star Wars was.

Two last thoughts:

I too am a sucker for pirate movies (though I doubt if comes from being raised a land-lubber on a sub-tropical island).

I suggest if anyone mentions anything particularly inappropriate for those that have not seen/read the materials discussed, they mark their posts with the following:

Here there be spoilers.

Dante said...

Stand-ins, much like stuntmen, are counted as crew, not actors (which is why they're credited as miscellaneous crew on the IMDB). For some reason, extras are counted as actors. I guess it's because the extra is actually playing a legitimate acting role even though it's rather small.

Dante said...

The "other movie" has two former TV stars: John Schneider played Bo Duke (Or is that Luke? I always get them mixed up. The blonde one.) and Corin Nemic played the part of Parker Lewis. Those are the only two I recognized and to be honest, I only recognized Nemic's name. I had to look him up to remember who he is.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I love going through life being called a liar at every turn.


First of all, I did not say that I had any feeling when I first watched Empire, but don't let that alone destroy your argument.

The first time I saw Empire was at a Christmas party for some family friends in Devonwood when I was about 9 or 10 years old. It was on TV or VHS, and I remember being glued to the set. It was a dark movie, and ended in apparent defeat for our heroes, and I remember that every time I see Empire (or read Harry Potter # 6, or see movies like the one we are discussing). It ends in apparent defeat, but not so much of one, so that you know that if our heroes just regroup and get it together, they can move forward and triumph over the obstacles in front of them.

As far as the link to Harry Potter & Empire it was the bad luck at every turn, the little things that just kept compounding the problem at hand. The bits of mystery uncovered too late.

If I described why Pirates was like Empire, there would indeed be spoilers here, so I'll not get too into it. But I think the writers absolutely ripped Empire for plot (which consequently makes for a great sequel, IMHO).

I'll leave it at that, and I'll wait to release my scholarly comparison of the three until Pirates is out on DVD.

ruby booth said...

Pirates are sexy.
Johnny Depp is sexy.
Kiera Knightley is sexy.
(even if i can't spell her name)

Pirates + Depp + Kiera + undead monkey = great movie!

BTW, Pirates are far superior to ninja (who hardly ever stop for the sweet lovin, because they are so busy killing.) however, i have never seen any pirate as funny as this ninja. (Question 17 is particularly good.)

Dante said...

Pirates are on a ship full of other guys in the middle of the ocean all the time. If they take time to stop for sweet lovin, I sure don't want to see it.

petallic said...

Just a tic, Pat. You said Order of the Phoenix. Then you said "Harry Potter 6." Hate to nitpick, but were you speaking of the two different novels, or some bizarre coded numbering of which I am unaware? Just trying to keep up.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Roops. I miscounted. Phoenix is the fifth Harry Potter book, right? # 6 was Half-Blood Prince.

Just to clarify, Phoenix reminded me of Empire and HBP reminded me of My So Called Life.

nikka said...

dante, actually it was not necessarily “a ship full of other guys in the middle of the ocean all the time.” in fact there have been a good many female pirates, (then and now, i would imagine) just as there were a few pirate ladies in the movies. besides which, ports are full of lusty barmaids just begging for sweet pirate love.

anyway i see nothing wrong with a little gay pirate action, although i guess you aren’t obliged to want to see it.

sadly, ninja are probably too focused on lonesome, stealthy killing to really understand the love two men can feel for each other while they’re comrades in arms, anyway. :D