Thursday, July 13, 2006

One Down

I call this a good start.

The Brunswick News reports that Linda Shrenko (R-Crook) is going to jail for embezzelment, money laundering, defrauding the public for hundreds of thousands of Federal education funds that were supposed to be spent on deaf children and honors students.

She used the money to get a face lift (boy, that was worth it).

And she did us one better by agreeing to testify against her campaign manager and former paramour. But she still spends eight years in the slammer and owes over $400K to the taxpayers.

If GP still reads Hurricane Radio, I hope he sees this and reactivates The Daily in honor of our former State School Superintendent.


RightOnPeachtree said...

Never trust politicians with names that sound like:

1) Cheap Vegas-style games that never pay out


2) Superman's weakest known enemy

S.A.W.B. said...

Perhaps she can share a cell with Charles Walker Sr. (D-Crook).

I get it, ha ha, a Republican is going to jail for embezzlement, fraud, and corruption. Lemme know when you guys turn into angels...

Patrick Armstrong said...

Have you been reading my posts about 'Dolla Dolla Bill' (D-Crook)? They're on my blog at Hurricane Radio. You might have heard of it.

Ha ha, a crooked politician is going to jail for embezzelment, fraud and corruption. Last time I checked, the idea was not to replace Republican Crooks with Democratic Crooks, the idea was to put all crooks in jail.

Dante said...

I thought Kite Man was Superman's weakeest known enemy?

petallic said...

She could have saved a bundle on that facelift if someone would have told her that you're only supposed to put eyeliner on the upper lid, not the lower.

I don't wear makeup, but geez, pick up a Cosmo, dearie.