Thursday, July 06, 2006


I know my World Cup bracket went down like British ships vs Icebergs, but that won't stop my handicapping of political contests.

Lieberman will win the Democratic nomination for Senate from Connecticut. I hope he does. He has been a tempering voice of centrism and reasonability. I don't agree with him on everything, but I don't need that to respect a statesman.

And there is a another very good reason why: if Lieberman loses the Connecticut Democratic Primary to Lamont, he will win as an Independent, and resoundingly so. It won't matter that he would continue to caucus with the Democrats, serious damage would be done to the Party as a whole, in a way that all the buffonery since 1994 has not, and that damage will have been done on a national stage.

I mean, we've had enough opportunists (the old tax & spend Democrats) play red rover and switch teams (and become corrupt & spend Republicans), but we have yet to have a significant and respected Democrat leave the Party and run as an Independent.


patsbrother said...

Correction: Lieberman would not be running as an Independent, but as a petitioning Democrat.

liberalandproud said...

He cannot officially run as a "petitioning Democrat." The only Democrat listed on the ballot is the one who wins the primary. Regardless of his party affiliation, if Joe Lieberman loses the Democratic primary and appears on the ballot via petition, he may not be listed as a "Democrat." Only the person who wins the primary may use the party name.

patsbrother said...


"I will stay a Democrat, whether I am the Democratic Party’s nominee or a petitioning Democratic candidate on the November ballot."

"Q. Won’t he be running as an Independent?

"A. No, he will not be on the ballot as an Independent.

"Q. How will he appear on the ballot?

"A. He has two options, to petition his way on as an individual, or as a petitioning party. That decision will be made in the coming days."