Monday, July 17, 2006

Rescue Public Education

I just delivered my first real position paper tonight to the Glynn County Democratic Party, and you want to talk about a reaction...

Mostly good, some bad but overall we're further along than where we started. Folks are excited. They agreed with the overall premise (Public Education needs to be Rescued, Democrats need to re-examine some approaches to make education more effective and efficient), but hollered about the details (many of my ideas aren't exactly in line with Democratic thought). Then they realized that by debating about the details, we were actually discussing issues and solutions, which really got some folks motivated.

So all in all, it wasn't a bad piece of work.

If you are so inclined, I invite your comments over at any of the sites where I actually posted the monster, or just email me with critiques or ideas.

Coastal Empire DFA

Glynn County Democratic Party (beware, my HTML failed me here)

Florence County Democratic Party

1 comment:

patsbrother said...

Bravo (said sincerely).

Some comments.
(don't act like you didn't expect it)

2(b)(i): huzzah!

4. Teacher's Unions and Parents. And? Are we to snap our fingers and expect any problem to disappear like the uncle from Soap? Plus, where's the smack-down for the over-bearing parents who berate teachers and administrators for doing their jobs?

5(a) Amen to uniforms.

5(f) Half work days? For who? What are you talking about? I'm confuuused.

6(g) Thank you, for restating the law.

6(i) You fail to mention reciprocity where the more likely event in Glynn County is non-faith discrimination. (Rememeber my 2d grade teacher and the enforced Lord's Prayer?)

So what got the most bees in peoples' bonnets.