Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rising Tide

Taking blogging one step further.

The New Orleans bloggers have forged such vibrant community both online and on the ground that they are now organizing the Rising Tide Convention that will take place the weekend before the one year mark of Katrina's landfall.

Dangerblond is the point of contact, and had this to say about the Convention:
Non-bloggers are also invited to this conference. It’s being hosted by the New Orleans new media for everyone who is interested in New Orleans or interested in new media. It is an opportunity to meet and talk with people who are telling the story of New Orleans from the ground up rather than from the top down. I also think it could serve as a reality check, allowing people to see the problems that still exist, the culture that is still very much alive, and how New Orleanians are dealing with what is going on here.
This is something I consider excellent news. Not only is it a very public demonstration that there are still citizen activists dedicated to the comprehensive recovery from America's greatest natural disaster, but it is also a demonstration of the power of new media to be involved and shape larger public opinion.


Tim said...

Thanks for speaking out for New Orleans. I really think we can rebuild this city. We taking small steps, but progress is progress. Even the politics is improving with two new council members and a new assessor who is rocking the boat.

Now if we can just get those levees fixed...



Patrick Armstrong said...

Absolutely. You NOLA bloggers keep writing and I'll fo' damn sho' keep linking.