Monday, July 17, 2006

Top 40 WMD

I was going to make a funny post about this item in the news, but Right On Peachtree absolutely beat me to the punch:
Who needs missiles and guns? Unleash a heaping helping of Manilow and watch the enemy crumble. Have the Middle East power brokers considered this as part of their defense strategies?
I can see ol' Dubya now, packing Condi's bags for her upcoming trip to the Middle East, slipping in some Barry and throwing in some Kenney Chesney -just to see what happens.


dadvocate said...

I saw that story earlier. Finally someone realized Manilow's true worth. He got me to quit listening to the radio just on the chance one of his songs might come on. Kinda like the yodelling in "Mars Attacks."

RightOnPeachtree said...

Sorry 'bout that, Patrick. I thought it was an obscure news item and figured I would use it to add some levity to ROP. I've been depressingly gloomy lately with my posts. Turns out that the story on unleashing the Manilow was(surprisingly) a broadly circulated story.

Despite the early trappings of WWIII in the Middle East, the continued burden of the Iraq situation, the G8 and our potty-mouthed prez, the missile staredown with North Korea, and the return of a spaceship to the Big Blue Marble, the Manilow story still managed to be a salient item.

That's pretty powerful in and of itself.

Chesney, huh? That might work. Or Eminem or the Spice Girls, maybe. It may depend on the enemy, I suppose.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Yeah, but I just don't see ol' Dubya with an Eminem or Spice Girls CD lyin' about the White House.