Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to School Open Thread

School's about to reopen, Athens is about to experience the yearly invasion of the frosh-people, and The People Who Give Us Money will soon be departing Island City until the Georgia Florida game. I know that everyone's life is about to be altered, and I want to hear about it.


Dante said...

So I'm running a little late to work already this morning when I'm greeted with a wall of traffic in the Nicholson, GA area of GA441. When I get towards the front, I realize it's because they've decided to start school today and the Nicholson Elementary School (whose name I don't recall) is back in full swing. Who as a community hates their kids so much that they start back on a Friday? I guess I'll be taking the alternate route from Commerce to Athens for a few days until the traffic calms down.

petallic said...

Heh. School started for me Tuesday. Already know all their names and faces. Lockers, lunch times, bus duty, and which kids shouldn't sit next to which are all sorted. We've covered three poems, 4 new lit terms and their applications, and bonded with personal stories about how the poems still speak to us today.

As to school starting on a Friday, I like it that way. The first day is a serious trauma; you need a weekend to sort it out. I feel like I've been on a Bataan Death March since Tuesday, with no real time to synthesize, organize, or analyze.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Schools should start on Monday, as God intended, so everyone can have a bad day at the same time.

petallic said...

Just as an interesting sidenote, our new principal still hasn't worked out all the morning schedule kinks, and he hasn't had a chance to do the pledge or the moment of silence. By Friday, the fourth day of school, when the announcements started yet again without either one, my first block kids were ready to march themselves up to the office as a sign of solidarity in support of the pledge and moment of silence. I was quite surprised at their sudden and solid rising. Luckily for the office ladies, the principal announced at that moment he would begin the pledge on Monday.

Further proof that:

1. Teenagers are more patriotic than we tend to believe.


2. Teenagers need a structured routine.