Monday, August 07, 2006

Clam Chowder

We've already discussed that crabcakes must be bad for politics, if the Maryland Senate race is any indicator.

But now we must turn our attention even further north, and I wonder what is in the Clam Chowder this summer making it so hard on incumbents in New England. Not that I mind things being bad for incumbents, but I want incumbents to loose to better candidates, not ones beholden to the fringes. Take for instance, the Lieberman dust up, getting really gruesome the closer we get to tomorrow, with one pro-Lamont blogger going so far as to depict Lieberman in blackface. Now, I'm not a Connecticut primary voter, but I can say with all sincerity that I think the opposition here is focusing far more attention on lowest-common-denominator politics rather than issues.

A few feet away in Rhode Island, we have an equally interesting dust up, though not nearly as important as the Lieberman/Lamont lacrosse brawl. In the Rhode Island neighborhood scuffle, "Liberal" Republican Senator Chafee is facing a challenge from another Republican. Strangely, the challenger is a blue collar, Kennedy inspired Reaganite with the unfortunate name "Laffey." But his campaign seems almost tongue in cheek, with such plans as Fiscal Sanity aka the Bridge to Somewhere which is something I'm glad to hear someone running for Senate talking about.

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