Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fidel out of power, Miami happy

We now interrupt the Island Drama nonsense to bring you an impotant announcement:

Fiedel Castro has to step down as President of Cuba while undergoing some surgery and sure enough the Cuban exiles down in Miami are coming out of the woodwork to have yet another party anticipating the Cuban dictator's demise. He does keep getting older so these parties make more and more sense but I wouldn't hold my breath. It seems that Castro is handing power over to his brother Raul while he undergoes surgery.

Some sources close to the situation have informed us that Raul, in addition to being Fidel's right hand man in Cuba, is also a Tom Bosley impersonater.

So what are your thoughts on the situation? Is this it for Fidel? If not, how long does he have left? Is Cuba better off without Fidel running the show? Will Raul be worse for the country than Fidel? Will Raul have to delay the filming of his new projects "Días Felices" and "Misterios Dowling del Padre" in order to take over the reigns as a full time leader?


Patrick Armstrong said...

I wonder what will happen when Castro's gone. I wonder what kind of leader Raul is when he's not doing impersonations.

I wonder if Castro's passing will give the US and Cuba the opportunity they need to sit down and work things out.

S.A.W.B. said...

Bring on the Rum and Cigars!!!

dadvocate said...

I hope we can re-establish diplomatic relationships. I'd like to buy a '57 Chevy in really good shape.

Buzzzbee said...

It could mean anything really. When Castro actually does die we'll just have a new dictator to deal with. It could go in a more Chinese direction and lead to a more America-friendly policy or it could go the way of N. Korea and get worse.

That is if Amerca doesn't have a ready-made coup of some sort waiting for the moment Castro kicks it. Of course, if we have a plan to overthrow the potential new Cuban dicator why not go ahead overthrow Castro? Things have changed a lot since the bay of pigs, especially in the area of Russian speaking superpowers.