Friday, August 11, 2006

Go Home, Buzzards

This is less a post than a brief rant.

I'm sick and tired of people sticking their heads into elections taking place in jurisdictions in which they do not reside and have no interest. No interest, that is, other than the the cynical, depth-of-field possibilities come the biannual political football game known as Election Night.

I'm okay with commentary. I'm okay with coming to help out a friend when asked. I'm not cool with extra-jurisdictional fundraisers or people butting in and trying to affect elections for reasons other than which candidate will best represent the constituents of that jurisdiction.

Two glaring examples: Charles Shumer stabbing the Iraq veteran (Hackett?) in the back, killing his Senate run, and Bill Richardson calling on Joe Lieberman to bow out of the Connecticut Senate race. For those of you keeping score, Shumer and Richardson are from New York and New Mexico, respectively.

This "what's best for the party" crap is bad for America. Back in the day, a Georgia Democrat was different from a New York Democrat was different from a Missouri Democrat. Now, they're pretty all just blandly homogenized Democrats. And this phenomeon is not restricted to the Democratic party: the modern Republican mob mentality simply seems to mask the ill effects of this asininity more effectively.

What this does is make politics a heap more plain, paring down the stunningly broad landscape of American values and beliefs to a very boring selection between chocolate or vanilla. Because most people are okay with either chocolate or vanilla, so why should we have more options?

Because with what we got, we can't even make a nice neopolitan.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Well, despite the fact that I think Schumer did not make a very good decision when it came to Hackket's candidacy, he is the Chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee. Its kinda his job to involve himself in Democratic Senate races nationwide, and to coordinate efforts.

As far as Governor Richardson asking Lieberman to leave the race for the good of the Party, that's his opinion and he's welcome to it. I'd personally welcome Lieberman, for the good of the Party, to move to Georgia and kick Saxby's rear in 2008, but Joe ain't gonna listen to my opinion neither.

And if you think all Democrats are homogenized, you haven't been paying attention. The only thing that homogenizes Democrats right now is that we're sick of this President, we're sick of this Congress and we're sick of the status quo.

liberalandproud said...

Except for Lieberman, who apparently loooves this president.

patsbrother said...

I tried to post a defense/response last night, but alas! blogspot erased it immediately when it failed to post successfully. Oh, how I should have remembered that before I clicked "publish".

Now, I have not the energy.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Don't strain yourself too much there, Law School.