Friday, August 04, 2006

Ideological Litmus Test

Haven't I spoken about this before?

One of the core reasons I became active in the Democratic Party was because I felt a need to fight for what I believed. Am I a Democrat? Absolutely. Do I agree with all other Democrats all of the time? Absolutely not.

I am a Democrat because of what I believe, not because of what Daily Kos or the New York Times think I should believe. That's why, even though I can't vote there, I have a dog in the fight in the Lieberman vs Lamont election in Connecticut. I could deal easily with a Lieberman loss if this was just Connecticut determining who their nominee will be. But after watching all the continual and unending press about this one election, I know that this is about more than that.

I tend to agree more with Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered, that the behavior of some activist networks, including some I belong to, could begin an era of litmus-test politics within the Democratic Party - the same litmus test politics I believe have destroyed the sanity of the Republican Pary in the past two decades.

Because of that, I am hoping for a rare Incumbent Upset victory in Connecticut, and Liebermann to be returned as the nominee. If that doesn't happen, Joe: we've got two milquetoast Republican Senators in Georiga who need beatin,' winters much gentler than Connecticut's and plenty of prime lots as far as real estate is concerned.

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