Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Labor Fight in the Coastal Empire

So, if anyone has been reading Georgia Politics Unfiltered recently, you'd know that Hugo Boss is having a problem paying its Georgia employees what they're worth. Then, after breaking down some numbers we realized that this company with profits approaching $120 million and whose stock is up 30% in the past year, must not think Southern labor is as valuable as Northern labor.

When we talk about an honest day's wage, this is what we're talking about.

So, tomorrow in Savannah there will be a rally in support of the company's workers, and I hope this moves wages and pension negotiations along. Reverend Jim Nelson our future Democratic Congressman, will be speaking at the rally, and had this to say about the situation:
The American Dream is not to work hard, productive hours for low wages and poor benefits. I call for executives at Hugo Boss to do what’s morally right; agree to a fair contract with a livable wage and pension plan.
I'll be proud to have a Congressional representative like Rev. Nelson who supports the value of Southern wages.

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