Thursday, August 03, 2006


Mhewidge is what bwings us together today.

Or rips us apart tomorrow. But mostly those few who shouldn't be getting hitched in the first place:
The problem usually comes when out-of-control bridezillas wrap themselves up with planning for the big day—and don't plan for the day after.
There is another reason I'm not married: I can throw (or help throw) one hell of a party on my own, and I don't need much of an excuse to do it.


petallic said...

I feel the same way about weddings as I do about the graduation ceremony. Get rid of 'em. They're meaningless ceremonies that have become the goal instead of a recognition of the goal.

Articles like that make me ashamed to be a woman. Post-wedding blues, what a bunch of bollocks. Any woman who would utter such inanity in my presence ain't my kind of people.

dadvocate said...

Well, petallic, (I'm so embarassed.) I have to agree with you again. This quote made my stomach turn, "You go back to work after your wedding and all you have left to look forward to are the thank-you notes."

Bet that makes the man she vowed to honor, love and cherish feel great. Ugh.

ruby booth said...

I tell you what, if i'd spent $25,000 on a party, I'd feel pretty damned depressed too. That's right: $26,327.


Fucking nuts.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Though I completely agree with the last statement, I would like to remind all commentors that we do try to keep language within bounds on this website.

ruby booth said...

Pat, I would like to point out, respectfully, that you never mentioned your PG-13 intentions until well after i was made a contributor, and if i am not permitted to use my own judgment about adult diction on an adult subject, then i would ask that you kindly remove me from the Contributors list.

Also, considering the post-marriage nature of the depression mentioned in the article, i believe my statement was technically correct as well as emotively appropriate.

petallic said...

Yes, Dadvocate, I found that quote offensive as well, but the part that really got me was, "'Getting married is a party,' she says. 'Being married isn't as glamorous. You don't get to be a star all the time.'"

The idea that a) getting married is a party and b) being the bride is being a "star" - both infuriate me. The obscenely selfish princess complex that seems to exist in the average American woman makes me a greater cynic of my own gender. Weddings have become a woman's fifteen minutes of fame, and I despise every bit of this particularly odious social trend.

dadvocate said...

petallic, I continue to agree with you. I find it validating when a female agrees with my point of view on something like this.

This attitude reminds me of a conversation I overheard once. An attractive young lady, who already had a baby, was saying that she was going to live with the father of her child and if she was "happy" then she would marry him. He was good enough to have sex with and a child by but not necessarily marry. All I could think was that this guy nor anyone else would ever make this girl "happy" enough. If the guy was smart he'd run for his life. Paying child support for 18 years would be much easier than trying to satisfy this girl.

petallic said...

Dadvocate, sorry for the double dose of embarrassment.

Regarding the conversation you overheard, I'm sure the idea that only she can make herself happy would completely befuddle her. As if it's his job to keep her happy. Egads.

Last year around this time, I attended the wedding of my youngest cousin, a girl I used to babysit. She is the dullest human being I've ever met, seconded only by her mother, who has never held a job longer than a year. This girl is sullen, pouty, and incessantly unhappy with everything around her. Luckily for her, however, her mother taught her how to look like a stripper. Her skirts are up so high they're afraid to look down, and her makeup would frighten small children and bruise fruit. Her new husband, a delightful firefighter loved by the whole community, spends every moment placating her. He has two small children from a previous marriage, and he spends his time placating HER. The whole time I was at the wedding and reception, I just kept looking at his children vying for his attention and getting shot down, and I found myself hating my own flesh and blood.

These women behave this way because their behavior is tolerated and enabled. The princess complex needs to go, and soon. My girls at school work twice as hard as their male counterparts; I do not want them to turn into bridezilla fodder.

Patrick Armstrong said...

These women behave this way because their behavior is tolerated and enabled.

Beautiful women don't sleep under bridges. Unfortunately there will always be women who try to skate through life on their looks, and there will always be men with more cash than brains that allow them to do so.

petallic said...

I could say the same thing about the problems in the middle East. "Those problems will always exist." Reality doesn't assuage my disgust.