Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Number Three: Meet Chris

(Image credit, NOAA)

Virgil reminds us that every year during the late summer, Island City exists in a 'cone of death.' That's the first I picked up on the new one, which is aimed quite close to Island City, when the northern turn comes.

But also I read more today. In years past, I heard a lot of Discovery Channel and News reports about the effect of a hurricane on New Orleans. Then the scenario actually happened. Today, this shows up on MSNBC, and people all up and down the East Coast start worrying. The Bermuda High is apparently in place to drive storms against the Atlantic Coast, so the possiblity of a giant hurricane slamming into the Carolinas is looming large. But what the news is talking about (online and on cable) is the possibility of a large storm hitting the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York area, and the damage that could cause to places like Norfolk.

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