Thursday, August 10, 2006

Open Thread

Lot of visitors in the past week, not many comments. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe y'all just agree with everything I say. What's on y'all's minds?


RightOnPeachtree said...

What does "Hurricane Radio" mean?

And have you heard about the Iranians and Aug 22nd? Apparently, Admadrashadjihad (or whatever his name is) is part of a sect that believes their messiah will come back on August 22nd. AND he has promised to give his reponse to the nuclear incentive package on that date. So it looks like we might experience the wrath of their newly returned SuperImam that day.

Patrick Armstrong said...

A 'hurricane radio' is the radio you never (hopefully) have to use. You keep it stocked with batteries in your evacuation/storm survival kit and listen to it when everything goes to hell.

It is also a phrase you get when you combine the first and last words on all those little blue signs on the roadways between South and North Georgia denoting what stations to listen to if everything goes to hell. Since I have driven from South Georgia to North Georgia about a million times since 1996, the phrase just kinda stuck in my head.

You are, as of this moment, only the second person to ask me that.

I have heard about the August 22 kickoff for Armageddon (and wrote about it here). The 12th (or Hidden) Imam Sect of Shi'a Islam does believe in a second coming not unlike the Rapture event that is fundamental to Apocalyptic Christianity. Ahedminejad (pronounced Add-meen-eh-JAD?) is one of this Sect, and is an apparent believer. When he was Mayor of Tehran, he spent millions fixing and landscaping one avenue in the city - because that is the road the 12th Imam is supposed to take if he comes back and if he shows up in Iran instead of Saudi Arabia.

Fortunately, The Beard doesn't actually control as much of Iran as we tend to think he does - the Ayatollahs of the Supreme Islamic Council have much of the power, especially militarily (which is why we don't actually consider Iran a democracy), and they are a wee bit more pragmatic than their populist upstart President. As a matter of fact, I've read some reports that say the old guys are kicking themselves for lettin' the crazy man become President.

All The Beard can effectively do is go on television and bluster, which is apparently his geas in life.

The August 22nd date is a Holy Day on the Islamic Calendar this year, apparently the day of the 'night flight' of Mohammed (PBOH) to Al Aqsa ("the Furthest Mosque") in Jerusalem.

As far as the wrath of the Super Imam coming on August 22, I'll believe it when I see it. Some Christian Sects were predicting the Rapture would start on August 3rd.

Dante said...

As a bit of constructive criticism, it seems that there are an awful lot of stories coming out daily now. I seem to remember we only used to get 2 or 3 per day and now we're getting 5 to 6 per day. That makes it kind of hard to keep up any meaningful conversation past the first day since yesterday's posts get buried rather quickly.

Even if we did decide that this is the issue (and it may not be), the problem arises when deciding what to cut. Different things are important to different people. (I'm about to take a jab at Pat but realize it's all in good fun.) I was joking with LurkerGary (who reads this page a lot but has never posted or even registered) the other day that I'm glad Pat puts the flag on his New Orleans posts so I know which ones to skip [rim shot]. To be honest, I still read the NO posts and even follow the links here and there but (and this should come as no surprise) I have no desire to hold a conversation about New Orleans. I wouldn't be bothered if the NO posts stopped entirely but I realize that Pat and several others are very interested in this issue.

Then again, some of our regulars are probably busy right now. It is for most folks a busy time of the year.

liberalandproud said...

I think we might all be a little overwhelmed, not just by the number of posts on the blog daily, but by the MSM news out of the Middle East, Iraq, and London. Too much to process. Plus the fact that school is starting, which means football season is about to begin. I need a beer.