Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Plamegate flameout...

Stealing from Slate today, but it's a solid read, on the pitiful end of 'Plamegate'.

Folks, this story was ridiculous when it started, and it has continued to grow to more outrageous proportions every day. What really piqued my interest in the article, was the fact that this whole thing was apparrently trumped up by State Department folks who were unhappy with the Iraq policy, in an attempt to bring down , or at the very least smear wholeheartedly, the Presidency.


Patrick Armstrong said...

It wasn't a ridiculous story to start with. The long term interest on this is a testament to the 'don't trust your government' cynicism. Plenty of folks (including me) were able to believe (and still do) that this Administration will willingly burn resources in order to get what they want. The foundation of that kind of cynicism is rooted (very recently) in the viral partisanism that kicked up during the Clinton years.

What this article seems to suggest is that our nation and our media are run by people with the mental equivalents of middle schoolers pointing fingers at each other for passing notes in class.

Neither that perception nor that reality are good things at this point in history.

jpatswanson said...

Just read the Isikoff piece in Newsweek. What is stunning to me is that, first of all, in this administration even the good guys - i.e. Powell and Armitage - are bad guys and second that it apparently doesn't matter that Armitage outted Plame because he is a known "gossip," his revelation was not intended to harm her (he says), and he didn't know she was covert.

Uhhh - what was that old quote about ignorance of the law?