Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Rapture Postponed

Armageddon ran into logistical problems for the August 3rd Kickoff, has been rescheduled for outdoor venue. Redeem tickets for the August 22nd Show.

Roundup courtesy of Slate:

Apocalypse soon: Princeton professor and Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis argues in Tuesday's Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that mutual assured destruction will not work with Iran, given the "apocalyptic worldview" of its leaders. Lewis suggests that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be planning a cataclysmic attack on Israel for Aug. 22, the day traditionally associated with Mohammed's "night flight" to heaven and back.

Former NSA electronics specialist Dan Sherman argues that Iran wouldn't have ordered Hezbollah to attack Israel without an "Ace up their sleeve": "Iran has nuclear capability NOW. Not later, but NOW. And they fully intend to use it, to usher in the 11th Iman."

Cairo-based journalist Issandr El Amrani at The Arabist upbraids Lewis for putting faith in failed models: "It really seems that while dealing with a complex and multi-dimensioned foreign policy issues, all the neo-cons want to do is what they did with Iraq: clutch at straws, invent bogeymen and fabricate lies. That Bernard Lewis, a man still appreciated even by his political enemies as a scholar of some note, has sunk to scare-mongering in lieu of policy advocacy is sad and scary."

ChicagoRay thinks pre-emption deserves another chance: "[I]f you think a snake is about to bite you and you are afforded the opportunity to shovel slam its ass, you don't ignorantly wait for the local swami snake charmer to show up by accident and hope he has his magic flute with him to subdue the creature

Political blogger and Bob Dylan fan Right Wing Bob sees a foreboding sign in the impending release of the new Bob Dylan album, Modern Times. Dylan's last, Love and Theft, came out on Sept. 11, 2001.

Read more on Bernard Lewis' WSJ article.
The mood on the Iranian Street? "Let's all get tattoos!!" I'd bet a Rock n' Roll centered foreign policy might get us out of the perpetual state of war the neo-cons seem more interested in. I'd bet it'd be awful cheap too, if we deployed the Ipods.

Fellas, we survived a nuclear Stalin & a nuclear Mao, and as a track record, MAD is still kickin' "Pre-emptive"s ass at this point.

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