Monday, August 21, 2006

Speaking of Apocalypse Day...

...does just talking about a thing make it more likely to happen? If so, I'm going to be in real trouble tomorrow afternoon, but I'm sure we can find a barbecue sauce that complements radioactive crow.

Anyway, I was reading Altercation today, and he brings up the Democratic 'Doomsday Scenario' in Connecticut: Lieberman wins (Republicans + Independents + 4/9 of Connecticut Democrats) his Senate seat in November, and then gets picked by the President to be the Secretary of Defense when Rummy gets the boot. Because the Senate seat is vacated, the Republican Governor of Connecticut (???) gets to appoint someone to serve it out.

Not sayin' it wouldn't have happened anyway, even without Ned....

But as I was reading Altercation, he linked to this very provacative (controversial) article: Is Israel Good for the Jews?

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