Thursday, August 17, 2006

Support Southern Labor?

Peach Pundit doesn't.

According to Erick over at Peach Pundit, working hard and expecting to be paid for it is a bad thing.

Way to support Southern Labor, dude! I guess Peach Pundit is OK with us Southern folk getting Northern table scraps.

When did conservative ideology be the "take what they give you, and like it" philosophy? I thought they were all about people not settling for second best. Guess I was wrong.


dadvocate said...

There's obviously something here I'm not fully aware of but a large part of the "Amerian Dream" is working hard and becoming successful. But it takes more than just hard work, working smart and applying effort in the right direction also make a big difference.

Southern workers are known for their work ethic. That is why Toyota, Nissan, Saturn, and many other manufacturers have located in the South. Doesn't one of the German auto manufacturers have a plant in North Carolina? Although I tend towards libertarianism, I support reasonable action (I don't what to get too indepth right now) by labor unions. People working together to acheive a goal is completely in line with libertarianism.

Dante said...

"When did conservative ideology be the "take what they give you, and like it" philosophy?"

It never did but proceeding from the false premise that government must be involved in labor disputes sure makes it seem that way. Conservative ideology dictates that if you don't like what you're making, ask for more money or find another job. It doesn't dictate whining to the government because you took a position paying $7/hr and now you're unhappy making that same amount in the same position. If the Hugo Boss workers want to unionize that still fits in with conservative ideology. If they are asking for more money, that still fits in with conservative ideology. But when they expect the government to step in on the labor dispute, that's where conservative ideology is abandoned.

Also, the idea that Southern workers should make as much as their Northern counterparts is absolutely absurd. The cost of living here in the South is a pittance comapred to what it costs to live up North. I make about 50% less here than I would in New York, New Jersey, or even Pennsylvania. However, the cost of living is so much less, I actually come out ahead.

Patrick Armstrong said...

I'll be sure to keep all those 'cost of living' arguments in mind the next time I drive past my old Middle School (ceilings falling in) and the next time I'm rolling up Hwy 17 to Savannah, or Hwy 341 through Sterling.

There is a price we pay for having a 'low cost of living' and it directly affects all of us.

Dante said...

I've seen the shape of one of the Middle Schools in Brunswick and I can certainly understand your frustration if the other schools in the area are in similar shape. However, there are places with lower costs of living than Coastal GA that somehow manage to keep their schools in decent shape (see rural TX for an example of this). Maybe instead of trying to up the cost of living in order to provide better school facilities, we should look at how others are doing a better job with less of a budget.