Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Watching the News: Tuesday Night

Well, Sen. Joe Lieberman has conceded the Connecticut Democratic Primary for US Senate to Ned Lamont. What really makes me angry is that I was watching both MSNBC and CNN (as well as Rescue Me) all night, and only Fox News appeared to be carrying the concession speech live. Then Fox News broadcast the Lamont victory speech, where some obnoxious cameraman kept his camera in front of Lamont's face. Lamont appeared onstage alongside Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, and turned the speech into an effective anti-war rally on national television.

Lieberman promised to run as an independent, so the election in November will be the Democrats vs the Democrats + Independents (Connecticut's largest Pary) + centrist Republicans vs Republicans. Which prompts me to ask, if Lieberman wins as an Independent, will he ever run as a Democrat again? Third Party comments should attribute to this thread.

Gonna be a rough election year, is what I'm sayin'.

Meanwhile, the Devil went down to Georgia and screwed up District 4 vote counting machines, but it only seemed to delay the inevitable, as Cynthia McKinney got blown out of the water by Hank Johnson. No concession speech reported at this time, though I'm quite ready to hear first thing tomorrow that McKinney is suing someone to get the results overturned.

All this, and I'm still looking for the Statewide elections, to see who won the runoffs for Lt. Governor and Secretary of State.

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