Thursday, August 10, 2006

You stay classy, Atlanta.

So I'm reading an article about the ensuing chaos at airports today in light of a recent attempted terrorist attack. "Air travelers were ordered to throw out their suntan lotion and shampoo and waited hours in ever lengthening lines Thursday as airports ratcheted up security and delayed flights in the wake of a terror plot discovery in Britain," it says. Really they didn't even have to throw out their lotions and shampoos. They just had to check them in with their baggage. They only had to throw these items out if they ignored the countless large signs telling them they couldn't carry these items aboard.

In Baltimore, folks were saying things like "better alive than dead" and "It's inconvenient, but we'll make it." In New York, some folks are checking in everything just in case. In Atlanta, we have folks remarking, "They're going to have to take it out. You want it out, you take it out," over contact lens solution. Thanks for risking an airport shutdown on the craziest day since 9/11/2001 because you don't want to wear your glasses. I know we haven't had one in a while but I have to nominate Ms. Brenda Lee of Snellville, GA as Jackass of the Month for the month of August.


Patrick Armstrong said...

I knew this story before I even finished reading the headline.

liberalandproud said...

She is a jackass, but I can certainly understand the feeling behind the jackassery. Not sure what I'll do if these restrictions are still in effect in November when I'm next set to board a plane. I guess I'll wear my glasses and pray my luggage doesn't get lost with my expensive contacts inside.