Thursday, September 21, 2006

Design by Committee

(And why its a bad idea.) This stuff from the AJC is hilarious. Hillary gets the hattip, and the roundup of hilarious suggestions. Like this one, looking fresh:

As if we didn't have enough trouble with the flag...

We have so many personalized plates in Georgia, I thought we had all just agreed to disagree. In Georgia, you could go with the plain license plate, and then add garnish to your liking. I have an eagle, stars & stripes on mine in support of wildlife. You can also get deer, turkeys, flowers, dogs & cats, the 'educator's apple,' the 'educator' title, the National Guard tag, the Georgia Bulldog, the Tech GT, the Georgia Southern Eagle, a "Sons of Confederate Veterans" flag - and that's just in South Georgia.

If they wanted to really redesign the liscence plate, they'd make it simpler and add even more garnishes (and make waaay more money). As a practical matter of purpose, I wish we'd add high school tags (like the college tags), with the money going right to the school in question. My high school could have a pitchfork (Glynn Academy Red Terrors). Sweet.

But why stop there? We could do so many neat things. Hurricane symbols for those of us who live on the coast with the money going to coastal restoration. An Okefenokee logo to help keep up maintenance in the swamp. MLK's face for civil rights, Ray Charles' face for music history. The list goes on and on, and you know people would pay every year for a more personalized logo on their plate.


mominem said...

Great Idea.

Phuck Phema would be one I'd like to see.

ruby booth said...

It would almost be worth moving back to GA to get an Okefenokee tag.