Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If the Machines Took Over...

...People would wait in line to get signed up for the Matrix.

I know I keep coming back to this subject again and again, but it just trips me out.

Yeah, I used to be the geeky kid with Dungeons & Dragons dice, dressing up like a vampire once a month, beating the snot out of my friends with pvc-pipe-covered-in-foam-and-duct-tape-swords (that was the most fun of the bunch, by the way). I was even known to engage in 16 hour Axis and Allies binges and I have lost almost as much of my life to the Warcraft, Starcraft and Civilization video games as I did to Elementary School.

I've even been known to spend a little time with this whole 'blogging' hobby...

But I fear what would happen if I delved into online RPG's. I may never be heard from again. Much like hard drugs, I have 'just said no' to online gaming.

Not that there's anything wrong with it...


lagnsfit said...

Ahhh....I remember getting the snot beat out of me with pvc-pipe-covered-in-foam-and-duct-tape-swords. Those were the good ole days at UGA. I forget why I quit coming to those events because I always had a good time even if I couldn't tell the business end of a pvc sword from a hole in the ground (which I always found and tripped over!)

Dante said...

This one's easy.

"World of Warcraft: Is It a Game?"

Yes. Some people take it very seriously but some people just take games seriously. Look at professional sports. Level of commitment doesn't change what it is. It's a game.

Personally, I like the online RPGs I've played but I refuse to make monthly payments to a game, especially a game that requires you to spend $50 to buy it in the store and then make payments. No thanks. I'll just stick with Madden and my Command & Conquer games.

I'm sure World of Warcraft is really fun but I have to apply the Zaxby's rule here. (It may be good but it's pricey so as long as I don't try it at all, I won't know what I'm missing.)

" ...People would wait in line to get signed up for the Matrix."

I'd prefer to to get signed up for something that didn't rip off 50 years of science fiction material without giving proper credit where due.

Buzzzbee said...

I actually know someone who spent a month at his grandmother's house, stopping only to sleep, playing an online game. He claimed to have not even gone outside(he's a smoker). This was about 2-4 years ago. He quit and is now married and apparently living happily. His friends across the street setup three computers in their house and stayed on it most of the time. I think they would actually stop playing sometimes for tv and such, though they spent the majority of their time online.

I feel like I should mention that these guys ranged in age at the time from 22-28. My friend Andy and I called them the Wizards and Warriors club, because they all nearly spoke a different language. When you could get one to step out of the house for a minute(this was extremely rare), all they would talk about was the game. Their use of gaming terminoloy was so heavy that if you didn't play, you didn't know what they were saying.

Now I remember, they called the game UO, which was short for ultima online.

It's not an online game, but I can play some Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It can be pretty addictive. I never got as crazy with it as those guys did about UO. I have beat it like 16 times, though. I also didn't have cable, so it was either study or play xbox. One can only do either so much, before it becomes time to take a break.