Sunday, September 03, 2006

In the Land of What If?

The news is discussing the Japanese Prime Minister's coming election. That got me to thinkin'...

Directed thread here. I've thought about a particular geo-political policy for some time. The pros, the cons, the possibilities. With the world situation being what it is, should we allow Japan to seriously rearm?

Would they be a counter to China's growing power, a more versatile ally, or a potentially emergent military rival?

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Buzzzbee said...

Well...yes. When it comes to war, what really matters is money or I guess more appropriately resources. That's reason Israel is still a state even after several fights with the entire middle-east. Japan has the second largest economy in the world, and with their industrial prowess they could be a first rate military power in very short order.

The question is how much do they need us? Do they need us more than some new real-estate? I'm not really familiar with Modern Japanese Culture, so I can't really say with any real confidence what they would do with a real military. Germany, the third largest economy in the world, is doing fine with their military. Deutschland is still kind of a new power, however, and are very much under the thumb of the French, who used their share of control over West Germany to force them into certain agreements in relation to the EU.

To answer your question though, yes Japan could totally counter China, and very quickly. More importantly, they could counter N. Korea, whom they see as a serious threat, what with all the missiles being fired over their head.