Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Making Daddy Proud

I often see the commercials late at night. Keyboard synthesized steel drum music tells me all I need to know. Here's yet another installment of what I call "Proud Daddy TV," as images of blondes, beaches and strategically placed 'censored' graphics blaze across the screen. It is another "Girls Gone Wild" video, on sale for the lonely male, with a bed too cold to sleep in.

I don't own any of these vidoes (I used to work in a restaurant on Island City, after all....) but every time I see these commercials I get to laughing. Who are these girls? I mean, what is going to happen in many years if their careers in voyerism (sp) don't take off? Will they become doctors, teachers and lawyers, or at least nurses and paralegals? What will happen if someone recognizes them? What awkward conversation will commence?

And what is Daddy going to think when he gets his new GGW copy in the mail, and sees his baby darlin' at State U up on the bar showing off?

Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of possibilites, get your shocked face on, because the makers of the GGW series are being prosecuted for not adhering to age requirements and record keeping. I guess this is like a "Well, duh" moment for the prosecution, because I could have told you some cheatin' would be goin' on the first time I ever heard about this.

Then again, it could just be that someone's Daddy saw baby darlin' on the DVD, and said, "Hey, wait a minit... Honey, how old is Bianca?"

Guess he didn't like the answer.

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Fishplate said...

Voyeurism - you were close. Though that's what Bianca's daddy is practicing. Bianca is an exhibitionist.

I remember when the bus came to downtown Athens last year. Late at night, parked within steps of fifty different bars...there's no shortage of "willing" participants.

The good news is that the children of these ladies may learn from their mothers that not everything you do is a good idea, no matter how good it seems at the time.