Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr. Evil at the UN

Of course, we've all heard the Dubya = Devil comments from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez by now. RightonPeachtree has a hilarious interpretation of this, as did the Daily Show, who actually took a phone interview from the Devil to get his take on the comparison. (Can't find the video just yet...)

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Dante said...

I'm more upset about him plugging Noam Chomsky. If there's someone I can't stand, it's Chomsky. Him and his Chomsky Normal Form. Stupid waste of my life learning that form. Can't even mix terminals with non-terminals and can't have a nonterminal map to more than two nonterminals. So on computational theory homework, I'd end up with crap like:

S -> CL
L -> AT
C -> c
A -> a
T -> t

instead of the just as readable:

S -> cat

I'd like to kick that guy in the nuts.