Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Posting Slowdown

Some of y'all may have noticed the lack of posts from me over the last few days. I must apologize. I'm currently in New Orleans with family and lo and behold, Sprout's hand me down Sony Vaio doesn't want to work. So, while I try to figure out how to use my wireless connection on an ancient laptop, or until I find a library with public computers, posts will be very slow in coming.

In the meantime, How Bout Dem Saints? Any of y'all watch Monday Night Football? Instructions came through on the radio Monday morning that folks in town ought not wear red (I was told this meant me), and when I went with my cousin to pick her son up from school, there was a small army of younglings clad in Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush regalia. "Go, Saints!!" and "Who Dat, Who Dat!?!" chants were ringing through the cafeteria.

That was something to see, let me tell ya.


dadvocate said...

Watched that game and loved it! I think the Saints could have beaten any team in the NFL that night. I remember at one point late in the game after a tackle for a loss, the Saint's defensive tackle (This guy, I think.) was pointing to Michael Vick, smiling, laughing and shaking his head "Yes." The crowd was great, too.

Dante said...

Monday Night Football is dead to me now. To watch it would require me to break my #1 rule concerning TV: Dante doesn't pay for TV. The NFL has made a few decisions that make them paltry amounts of money for the coverage and accessibility they've lost:

1. They no longer provide easy-to-download NFL stats for fantasy teams and have threatened to shutdown sites that are using NFL stats without being licensed by the NFL. (Luckily this died down last year.) This coincided with the creation of an official NFL Fantasy league.

2. They used to provide an exhaustive list of websites where you could listen to either side's radio broadcast for free. Now they not only don't provde that site, they have prohibited radio stations from broadcasting NFL games over the Internet at all and instead provide a pay site where for $40 a year you can listen to all the NFL games. If I'm not paying $20 per month to watch ESPN, there's no WAY I'm paying $40 for a year of radio.

3. They moved the Monday Night game to a cable network because the station running the program somehow couldn't get good Monday Night Ratings during the biggest boom in popularity the NFL has ever had. Sounds to me like a better option would've been to move the game to a network that has a clue of how to run an NFL broadcast.

4. They let DirecTV keep the rights to online broadcast of games even though DirecTV has no intention of using those rights. I would most certainly be tempted to end my TV payment embargo and fork over a couple hundred dollars for a Sunday Ticket service that's online. I'm probably not alone.

I used to have access to any NFL game I wanted. If it wasn't on TV, the interactive scoreboard + Internet radio wasn't a bad substitution. That's no longer the case. They think they're going to get some money out of me but instead they're just going to drive me into caring less about the NFL.

Congratulations to the Saints though. I kept up with the stats on while watching something else on TV (ironically on the station where Monday Night Football used to appear) and caught the highlight reel the next day. The Saints won big and they did it with defense and special teams which are both areas where the Saints used to stink.

"That was something to see, let me tell ya."

I thought they always got like that before a Falcons game in the Superdome. They get that way when they travel to Atlanta (and they travel to Atlanta in droves for the game).

patsbrother said...

Regarding the low-functioning Sony Vaio: are the "-", "6" and backspace keys still vegetative?

Man, you never realize how many hyphenated words you type until that key stops working.

It was also really annoying having to scroll to the left so the delete button could get things gone.

Maybe if you went to law school somewhere you could get an update!

patsbrother said...

But law school only after living in a major metropolitan area for a few months, against your mother's explicit wishes, right?

liberalandproud said...

Well, Pat, Island City's loss is Crescent City's gain.

Dante said...

You ought to search the web for a key mapper. You can reassign those important keys elsewhere. I've had to do that before on a laptop with a broken '\' key and I regularly do it for any computer where I use the ctrl key. Map backspace to your caps lock. Who uses caps lock anyways? And who uses F5-F12? Those are prime candidates for remapping.