Sunday, October 22, 2006


So, Buzzzbee has his own blog now. Sorry to wait so long and get it updated, as I only now remembered that I can do this with my shiny new laptop and a wireless connection.

In a post from last week, the Buzzz wonders if Republicans aren't throwing this election away for alterior motives:

The Republicans are floundering and that makes me suspicious. They don't flounder. They've spent the last 6 years showing us what expert politicians they are and how lousy the Democrats are at winning elections. I would almost venture to say that they are throwing the game.
As long as we need Northerners to elect Democrats, we'll have to deal with this sort of cynicism from us Southern Liberals. (As an aside, anybody seen the polls for the Lamont - Lieberman race? I swear, I don't know why I try sports prognostication...) I'd be a liar if I hadn't thought the same thing every once in a while.

But I know that ain't the case.

The sad (or happy, depending on your political leaning) thing about this election is that Democrats are going to waste what is a historic opportunity - a politically perfect storm - to enact some serious political change in this country. America can't stand this Congress. It has been one of the worst in our history. But the Democrats have failed to move blame onto the GOP for owning this Congress, because there are plenty of Democrats who are a part of this Congress who are part of the problem. On the other hand, the same behaviors that disgusted America with Democratic Congresses over the course of the 40 years preceeding 1994 have been acquired by the GOP Congress in less than 12 years (there was a honeymoon period until 1998). Now, the GOP can be seen as the kids who cried wolf to get elected, and then acted (for the most part) just like the other guys.

So enter the Democrats, who decide they can take advantage of this climate, and then, instead of going with a real deep reform platform, they choose to toy with the "the GOP are as bad as us, so its ok to vote Democratic again" line. Least, that's what it seems to me except in a few contests nationwide.

So, instead of winning a possible 100 seats and picking up a supermajority, and really changing the political atmosphere of the nation, Dems are still worried about picking up just enough seats to control some committees.

In football terms, it feels like we're playing really hard for a tie, where a little more effort might get us a huge win. Republicans aren't throwing this election cycle, the Democrats appear poised to back their way into control of the House.


Patrick Armstrong said...

Like this guy: Harold Ford Jr. is a Democrat I want to see win. Especially from a Southern State.

Buzzzbee said...

Yeah, it really makes you think about '08. When all this scandal, ineptitude, and scandalous ineptitude are just distant memories to the electorate, what are they going to do? Even if they do manage to pull off the win, it just doesn't seem like it'll last for more than 2yrs. Then, the Republicans who lost will be replaced by new Republicans who don't know Jack Abramoff, weren't in the House of Representatives when Mark Foley was prowling for teenage prey, and most importantly, weren't members of congress when the vote for the Iraq war and subsequent handling of it were taking place.

What then?

patsbrother said...

Hopefully, when buzzbee's fabled time comes to be, these wonderous Republicans will be those I heard about for the first 20 years of my life: Republicans who want less government (not more); less power amassed in the federal government in general and the President in particular; and to keep the government out of individuals' personal lives.

When that revolution hits the fan, let me know gently. The concept of Republicans being good at what they purport to be good at may just cause a coronary of joy.