Saturday, October 21, 2006

Election Law Quirks


In Georgia, you can run for Congress without actually living in the District you're running for???

Please see the comments seciton of this post.

I never even heard of this kind of thing before, and had always just assumed using common sense that if you were going to represent a district, you had to live in a district. I even thought I read that Rep. John Barrow (D-GA12) was going to move from Athens (now redrawn as GA9) to somewhere in Savannah in order to meet eligibility requirments.

But I reckon I was wrong to think that.

I'll try to do some research on it, cause it still strikes me as strange. I'm not too bothered by the fact as far as this election cycle goes, because if that's the way its done in Georgia then, by God, that's the way its done in Georgia. For now.

But I think this ought to change for the future, and I wonder if this is a new thing or an old thing. If its a new thing, I wonder how much it has to do with all the redistricting shenanigans we've had to deal with in the past years. I mean, Athens used to be in the same district as Savannah, which makes as much sense as putting Memphis in the same district as Knoxville. I'm sick of that kind of nonsense, and I think this gerrymandering crap has to stop, soon.

So I'll lump the "don't have to live in the same district where you're running" into my general "un-gerrymander the districts" complaint folder, and deal with it now and hope to change it in the future. None of my votes will change, ideologically, because of this, either.

What really sticks in my craw is that SAWB & I could have run the Jerzey for Georgia (Bulldawg Party) campaign against Cynthia McKinney in Atlanta while he lived in Island City and we lived in Athens. And we could have done this years and years ago.

(And won...)

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S.A.W.B. said...

Barrow may be eligible in his current district because he was serving in the former district when the re-draw came through, thus grandfathering him in for this election cycle. I would gather that barring another bout of redraws, he would have to either move, or win the primary in his current/new district to stay in Athens.

On the other hand, I'd heard he'd 'moved' to Savannah.