Friday, October 13, 2006

Foley Fallout

It ain't so much the crime itself that's staining Republicans in faraway places, it is the perception of a coverup for political gain. Remember folks, if Hastert & crew had, upon first hearing of Foley's indiscretions, forced Foley out or turned him in, none of this would be happening.


The Rep. Foley thing is falling out in places other than a crazy looking district in central Florida. Take for instance, Louisiana, where Rep. Rodney Alexander is getting caught in the undertow of coverup fiasco, and seems to be dragging others down with him. Alexander is (if I can keep the story straight at this point) the Rep. who sponsored some of the pages who Foley took interest in.

Of course, there is some electoral Democratic shenanigans and overreactions coming out of this, and Your Right Hand Thief makes note of it here. YRHT also makes a very good point re: what your reaction would be to something like this.

Tell me if you think the following scenario is illuminating:

Your 16 year-old daughter tells you that her 50 year-old teacher sent her a personal email asking for a photo of her and what she wants for her birthday. She's confused and "freaked out", and says that the teacher has made comments about her 16 year-old friend being in "really great shape". Your daughter also tells you that another friend of hers knows of a teacher who "hits on" students.

What do you do in response?
Back on the political angles, I haven't seen the commercial refrenced, but Democrats need to make very sure they don't get lower on the sleaze limbo by trying to take advantage of someone taking advantage of teenagers. The Foley thing is the most recent situation where members of the Republican leadership screwed something up, and blame others for the foul up. Foley is the sicko in this case, the certain Republicans who knew about it are incompetent and negligent (possibly criminally so). Republicans who didn't have anything to do with it, well, they didn't have anything to do with it.

I hope those cats don't mind calling a spade a spade, though.

That's why I think this particular scandal is going to stick to a lot of the GOP insiders who turned a blind eye: conservatives and liberals are equally as angry at those boneheads in Washington.


Dante said...

It is true that some Republicans are going to get caught up in this scandal but I still maintain they were in a no win scenario unless they had absolute proof of Foley's wrongdoings. The big difference between your hypothetical situation and Foley's situation is that Foley is gay and Republicans aren't seen as being the most tolerant of the gay lifestyle. If they had come forward and the emails we've seen so far was the best evidence they had, they'd be crucified for trying to take out Foley politically because he was gay. The news would focus on Republican leadership trying to smear Foley over some ambiguous emails. The only reason I think Republican leadership may have known more than we do at this point is the speed in which Foley resigned but Republicans seem to like resigning at the drop of a hat when scandal breaks out.

You are correct in assuming none of this would be happening but I'm not so sure the alternative would've been any better for them.

Patrick Armstrong said...

Since when have Republicans been losing elections based on liberals calling them intolerant? Since when have Republicans been losing elections because the media attacked them over going after someone's lifestyle?

Social conservatives have given the extra push to Republican candidates consistently over the last several elections. That's how they've been winning these close 52-48 contests across the country. That is part of the base that is never turned off by bashing a certain segment of the population.