Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Radio Is Back ON (Again)

I can't explain how much I don't miss TV. I just don't. I couldn't care less about what is on.

However: I can't explain how badly it kills me not to watch football on Saturday nights. That "real" job of the 9-5 M-F variety really spoilt me in relation to football viewing. Now that I'm back in the service industry, it hurts. Even when I know my team is winning (for three quarters, anyway).

But football is the only TV I miss.

Computers, on the other hand. Ouch. I am spoilt. I am an internet junkie. I have been without consistency for lo, these many weeks, but the shiny new laptop has arrived in the mail. I can now explain how much more normal life feels when you can actually read the blogs you want to read. The last three weeks have felt like three days, because I haven't really seen the news - I read it the next day in the Times-Picayune. My up to the minute headline clicker went away when my old laptop refused to work. But one thing I have realized about that: the TP is a really good paper. You don't just get some blurb about a story that some intern scatted up in HTML, you get some in depth reporting in those pages.

I've seen one article on recovery get a headline, pic and front page; a whole inside page with another picture; continued on half of a third page with another picture. They're interviewing six and seven folks for these things, not just the two 'balance' experts you normally get. It makes for really good, but really time consuming reading. But it is much calmer and more thought out than the 24 hour rumour mill that is the current cable and online news cycle.

But, back to computers. Got the new laptop working today, and wireless and everything, and I'm sitting at the corner of Magazine and Jefferson typing and checking up on the blogs I read. Lots to read, lots to see.

But I feel plugged in again, finally.


Dante said...

"But football is the only TV I miss."

When I gave up satellite a few years ago, I noticed that football was the only thing I missed. Then again, I still manage to watch TV shows here and there with all these networks offering online viewing nowadays but its not a daily habit. It's more of an occasional thing.

And I do still have rabbbit ears to pick up some football but there's no ESPN and the Fox station I pick up is Fox Carolina so unless they're blacked out I'm stuck watching some stupid Panthers game in the NFC. I've listened to far more games on the radio this year than I've actually watched.

liberalandproud said...

Good to have you back.