Thursday, October 12, 2006


Getchoass out and vote. Tell everybody to.

Much to the chagrin of Georgia District 1 Republicans, I am still a legal resident there (I legally live with my parents, just like a college student votes in either their permanent address district or their local address district but not both) and I know how to fill out a scan tron. My absentee ballot should have already been recieved by the Glynn County Election Board.

I was a Democrat when I left Georgia. I have only become angrier at the way things are since I showed up in New Orleans. The Foley situation got a lot of coverage down here, as did the shiny new nuclear weapons that North Korea is playing with these days. I also read up and have talked to some folks about the events round these parts bout a year ago, and I've seen up close some of the damage that was done when certain government agencies fall asleep at the wheel and certain bureaucrats can't see past their own particular rice bowl.

Yeah, I know there's some Democrats responsible for all that, too.

But I can't vote in Louisiana, I can vote in Georgia. So, for the first time ever, I voted pretty straight Party Ticket: Democrat almost all the way down. My most important vote: Rev. Jim Nelson for Congress. Then Mark Taylor for Governor, Jim Martin for Lt. Governor, Denise Majette for State School Superintendent, etc. I wrote in my old roommate for State Representative from Island City because I don't like either candidate, and unopposed elections (mostly Republicans) I wrote in other friends of mine. In the non-partisans, I voted against incumbency, even if there wasn't another candidate.

Maybe that makes me a partisan hack these days. I don't think so. The next time I can vote for a reasonable Republican, I'll consider it as I always do. The next time I can vote against an unreasonable Democrat, I'll gladly vote the other way. But right now, this year, the stink is soo bad, IMHO, that I didn't have to look real hard at the voting card, and the only tough decisions were which friends I wrote in against incumbency.

(We will get Jerzey elected to State House or US House someday, I swear it!!!)

One last thing: I'm pretty sure all the readers of this blog are going to be voting one way or another. Good. Get out and do it. Take the time. Volunteer with the Election Board if you can. Help people vote if you are able.

Recently there was a statewide election in Louisiana. They were determining two offices and a bunch of Constitutional Amendments. Only about 22% of eligible voters turned out statewide. Down here, not much of that is apathy or 'didn't have time' or didn't know election law - it was inability to vote because of conditions on the ground. Some traditional polling places no longer exist. Many homes and residents are in transit from one place to another. People have to worry about their construction loans and figuring out crazy utility situations.

New Orleans turnout was around 10%.

That wasn't due to dirty tricks or anything so sinister (that we always heard about from a certain defeated Georgia Congresswoman), they were because of geography, topography and limited ability to cope with a massive disaster.

Cherish your right to vote, and use it. Encourage and remind others to check their polling places and get their Voting Cards ready for November. Make sure they know their employer has to give them a chance to get to the polls. Vote early or vote absentee if you must to avoid the lines and confusion.

But vote.


S.A.W.B. said...

Please to keep in mind two things, oh great and enlightened one.

1 - Mark Foley didn't kill his dinner date. Teddy Kennedy did.

2 - The small gargoyle who currently inhabits the big hut in Pyongyang got those shiny nuclear weapons from one William Jefferson Clinton, via one Madeline Albright.

As for your party line ticket, you still owe Sonny another vote for passing the beer law which you have enjoyed the fruits of. Denise Majette has about as much business being the State School Super as she did running for US Senate two years ago.

/yes, I'm cranky. so sue me.

Dante said...

I was about to ask about your decision on Majette but SAWB beat me to it. I voted for Christmas last time around and I'm far from a Cox supporter, but Majette? When's the last time she even set foot in a classroom? I could always be wrong but Majette looks like she's politically posturing more than trying to obtain the job of State School Superintendent and that really bothers me. If I weren't busy trying to oust a few local incumbent R's in the primaries, I would've picked up the D ballot just to vote Harrell. She really should've been the Democratic candidate.

"1 - Mark Foley didn't kill his dinner date. Teddy Kennedy did."

Right. Foley just molests teenagers. That's much better. Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who. Foley resigned like he probably should've and historically Democrats haven't always done that but that doesn't make it right. There is some question as to how much Republican leadership, a few newspapers, and various other folks knew about this situation before the story broke, but even if these folks knew something was up beforehand, if they didn't have iron clad evidence, they'd be painted as a bunch of homophobes. Everyone who knew something MIGHT be up with Foley was in a no win scenario. Republicans just have to hope that whatever investigation Foley is under either doesn't wrap up before elections or clears his name of illegal activity before elections.

"We will get Jerzey elected to State House or US House someday, I swear it!!!"

I've never known Jersey to lose an election he's actively campaigned for.

Fishplate said...

"There is some question as to how much Republican leadership, a few newspapers, and various other folks knew about this situation before the story broke"

There is also some question as to how much the Democratic leadership knew...If all the Rs knew, there are no secrets in Washington.

And there seems to be some question of how long the press sat on the story, and why they had to release it two weeks early.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat or a conspiracy theorist, but I ~know~ the driving force behind this issue (and most others) is not protection of the innocent, but big-league Politics. And ~that's~ what disgusts me.

dadvocate said...

Getting out to vote is pretty good advice. Keep in mind though that if you're going to vote for some left wing extremist, don't bother, it's not that important.

Of course, if you're going to vote for some nice conservative with libertarian tendencies, BE THERE!